Mortgage brokers at Efinity Home Loans enjoy the benefits of being part of one of the most dynamic mortgage companies in the country. As an innovative company, we unite people with possibilities by creating the greatest lifestyle opportunities for mortgage bankers and the best loan experiences for those they serve.

Efinity Home Loans provides the framework for mortgage bankers to love their lifestyle through an unparalleled commission structure, flexibility, tools, resources and support. We also understand the importance of being transparent, finding the best solutions, being accessible and providing reliable, consistent communication with the clients and referral partners we work with.

Our founders envisioned a company second to none. Efinity Home Loans has been recognized as one of the fasted-growing mortgage companies in America by Inc. Magazine. We are the future of the mortgage industry.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Do loan officers process their own loans?

No! We believe you should be out getting the next deal, not working on paperwork. Leave that to the processing team that specializes in that at Efinity Mortgage.

Do you offer benefits?

Absolutely! Loan officers at United Mortgage have access to our full company benefits, including Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Retirement and Employee Assistance plans.

Do you offer training?

Yes – Efinity Mortgage offers ongoing educational opportunities for our mortgage bankers: U-Stream serves up an extensive library of training videos you can stream any time over the Internet. Choose one of our newest videos or binge watch from one of our popular playlists. Our UM Professional Network meets regularly for workshops and company events

Do you charge for credit reports, CRM licenses, work phones, Encompass or any other compay provided tools?

No! We don’t nickel and dime you as an employee of Efinity Mortgage.